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Leblanc Bliss Model LB320 Bb Clarinet

MSRP: $1,000.00
Price: $799.00
You Save: $201.00 (20 %)

Leblanc Model LB320 Bb Clarinet

Leblanc Series®

International clarinet superstar Julian Bliss came to Leblanc to help him create a completely new concept in affordable clarinets. The result is BLISS! Unmatched in style, craftsmanship and tone, the model LB320 features a newly developed, proprietary composite body as well as genuine Bliss barrel and bell. The specially designed keywork is extremely durable and boasts targeted adjustment screws. Other features include black synthetic pads, ringless design and a new 10 YEAR WARRANTY!Hi-Tech Composite Body The proprietary material used for the Bliss clarinet body is the cutting edge of modern synthetic technology and was chosen for its characteristic sound and extreme durability.

Genuine Bliss Barrel Bliss barrels are free blowing with immediate response, aiding in tone production and articulation.

Genuine Bliss Bell Bliss bells bring continuity between the clarinet?s registers, fluidity over the ?breaks?, tuning in the long notes, and focused tone production.

Ringless Design The 320?s ringless design offers a sleek look, lowers the weight of the clarinet, and increases the clarinet?s resonance for a full sound.

Over - and Undercut Toneholes The Bliss tone hole design provides superior intonation and response well as easier placement of the fingers.

Innovative Thumbrest Design This fully adjustable thumbrest features locking mechanism to prevent slipping. The set position of the neck strap ring ensures perfect playing position while offering excellent support.

Inline Trill Keys All trill keys are in-line, above the water line to prevent water in the keys.

Acoustic Felts The pre-compressed felt bumpers replace ordinary cork for a better feel and longer wear.

Low E Reinforcement Bar The reinforcement bar helps the long, lower keys stay in adjustment when assembling and disassembling the clarinet.

Targeted Key Adjustment Screws Found on the left F/C, right F/C and the oversized crow?s foot, these adjusters keep the clarinet in excellent playing condition with the turn of a screw.

Manufacturer: Leblanc

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