Chafin Music has served musicians in our community since 1956 at all ages and all levels. When Paul Chafin opened Chafin Musicenter in 1956, his vision was to bring the “gift of music” to all. From schools to professionals, we offer:
  • A wide variety of instruments and music equipment
  • Instruments for sale, for rent or rent-to-own plans
  • The largest selection of sheet music in South Florida
  • Instrument repair
  • Private lessons by esteemed professionals for any instrument you wish to learn

Video Library: How To Care For Your Instruments

For a complete list of Chafin Music Videos, please visit our YouTube Channel at: Chafin Musicenter Channel

Jeff Chafin and his music store and piano shop have been around for many years, and it is obvious why. The store offers first class service and they really care about the customer. It doesn’t matter if you buy some sheet music or a piano, you get treated in a way that the big box stores cannot seem to duplicate.

Rich B.

Shout out to Chafin Musicenter for ALWAYS saving the day! They have some really cool things going on and they are literally the best people on earth! Check them out!


At first glance, the store seems small but once you go inside it really spacious, big enough to have several grand pianos on display, great staff. Everyone that works there is passionate and knowledgeable about instruments. Repairs, tuning, accesories, and sheets. Connection with great teachers. Great store I recommend always.

Carline C.

Summer Sale on Ukuleles

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