////Antigua Vosi Student Model Trumpet TR2561LQ

Antigua Vosi Student Model Trumpet TR2561LQ


Antigua Winds is proud to announce Vosi, a revolutionary new line of instruments specifically designed to meet the demands of first time students. Vosi was born from four years of market research and product development, coupled with huge investments in technology and a state of the art new factory. Only the finest materials from Japan, Europe and the United States are used to craft Vosi instruments.

At Antigua, quality is not just a word, it is our way of life.




1st slide saddle
Assists in intonation

Adjustable 3rd finger ring
Adjustable 3rd finger ring allows for precise and comfortable hand and fingering position


Series: Vosi

Key: Bb

Bore Size: .460″ / 11.68mm

Bell Diameter: 4 7/8″ / 123mm

Outside Slide Tube Material: Yellow Brass

Inside Slide Tube Material: Yellow Brass

Valve: Stainless Steel

Bell Material: Yellow Brass

Mouthpiece Material: Red Brass

Main Tuning Slide Brace: Single

3rd Slide Finger Rings: Adjustable

Thumb Hook: Included

Mouthpiece: Included

Finish: Clear Lacquer